I am an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, and have more than a decade of career experience as a researcher and research manager in the fields of health, sport and medical research. I am also one of only a small number of  individuals in Australia certified in Knowledge Translation, which facilitates the creation of relevant research and the delivery of findings through changes in practice, programs and policy.

Now based in Melbourne, I am the Principal of Knowledge Translation Australia, a Consulting service to train researchers and research users in Knowledge Translation methods and tools; to support them to implement knowledge translation practices within new and existing research projects and grants; and to link researchers and research users to ensure research is relevant for everyone.

My passion for knowledge translation and the position that I hold has provided me with opportunities to work directly with high-level decision makers. I was recently called to give evidence to the Senate Legislation Committee hearing for the Medical Research Future Fund, where I was able to advocate for the implementation of knowledge translation processes within the new funding scheme, and to suggest measures that will ensure return on investment and benefit the health and medical system and society as a whole. More