Are you nurturing your relationships?

It’s that time of year where we need to take stock of the year gone by and the things we achieved both personally and professionally. Reflecting on my achievements, it becomes very apparent that none of them would happen if not for the relationships built and nurtured with the people around me.

These days it’s all too easy to create broad networks through offline events and online networking platforms such as LinkedIn. What are you doing to nurture, deepen and prolong these relationships so that they remain genuine and valuable?

Too often we only reach out to our networks and play nice in our relationships when we want something. It’s not that we mean to use people, it’s often because we are so busy that we neglect to nurture what matters until it matters.

There are many strategies around how we each manage these relationships, for some it may be through personal interactions and regular in-person meetings with no hidden agendas, purely a catch-up. Others may plan regular events for stakeholders and other individuals to come together on a professional but social playing field. You may intermittently reach out to relevant connections on your social media channels just to compliment them on their recent post or new position, or maybe your like to send personal handwritten notes or cards to some of your networks. One easy way to nurture your relationships on social media is to share others content, comment when appropriate and provide some supportive commentary where necessary.

Relationships take time; they need to be developed, managed and nurtured. Start nurturing your existing relationships today, you never know when you may need them, or when they may need you. Relationships are the currency of collaboration and innovation, with the increased emphasis on linking industry, business and academia it’s time to start saving.

What strategies are you using, or will you put in place, to manage and nurture your professional relationships?

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