Demystifying research translation

A consistent finding in health and medical research is the failure to translate research into useful and usable services in practice and policy (Grimshaw et al.), and that the process is often “slow and haphazard”. There is increasing evidence of the limited translation of research with one review finding an average time of 17 years to move 14% of research into clinical practice (Morris et al.). Another review suggested that an estimated 30% to 45% of patients within the United States and the Netherlands are not receiving care according to scientific evidence and that 20% to 25% of the care provided is not needed or is potentially harmful. Additionally, reviews of research wastage have highlighted several areas where KT would act to improve outcomes and reduce the reported wastage of research (See my previous blog about this). Moves to improve the movement of research evidence into health and medical practice have been increasing over the last decade, which has seen a plethora of models, terminology, and definitions focusing on bridging the research to practice gap. More