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Why organisations work with us

Ensure Common Understanding

Get everyone on the same page when it comes to understanding and appreciating what KT entails. We provide training via seminars and workshops for research organisations. These cover many areas of knowledge translation. Some examples include translation tools, research impact measurement, and translation planning. We can also provide bespoke solutions to fit your needs.

 Create Research Impact

Explore opportunities for translation and impact from a different perspective. We offer a range of consulting services based on your needs. Activities include: evaluating/auditing your translation efforts to date, developing plans for translation, preparing for translation activities.


Consulting Activities

Build your organisational capacity for research impact

We provide training and strategy sessions to identify the best way to prepare your organisation for impact assessment.

  • Do your staff have the key skills and the necessary resources to ensure the best impact pathways are being developed and followed.
  • Are you an impact literate organisation?
  • Would you like to understand how others are operating in the engagement and impact space to see if there are strategies you can learn from?


Celebrate your achievements and explore opportunities for more

Let us review and identify translation/implementation activity already achieved and further work required

  • Work with organisation staff and research partners to review previous and current project translation plans/opportunities to determine what has been achieved so far.
  • Review outcomes from any evaluations and assessments of research implementation and impact activities.
  • Assist in the identification of key decision-maker audiences and the ideal message champions.
  • Identify opportunities and activities to advance translation and implementation of research knowledge into practice.
  • Provide information, advice and strategies to create sticky messages for targeted audiences and assist in the implementation strategies for those findings.


Be understood and appreciated by a broader non-academic audience

We can develop high-quality plain language summaries for existing research projects

  • We recommend and use a specific format that has been researched and developed by Research Impact-Réseau Impact Recherche (RIR), a Canadian network of 11 universities.
  • Two-page maximum, high-quality summary, that covers what the research was about, how the research was undertaken, what the research found, how you can use the research, and a highlight section outlining what the reader needs to know.
  • The format is based on advice and recommendations from research users and policymakers and has proven an effective tool for communicating research to a broad audience.
  • This format allows for consistency in your branding and messaging, and provides a simple, yet effective, process for researchers to follow in the future.


We will support your editorial and content support 

  • Work with staff, researchers, and partners, to collate and write content for proposals, publications, websites and so on.
  • Ensure clarity of key messages across all content creation.


Make it easier

Development and implementation of guidelines and tools

  • Develop a plain language writing guide for researchers.
  • Create tools, paper-based and electronic formats, for researchers to use in the production of summaries.
  • Training workshop for your organisation in the use of these tools and guidelines.
  • Develop a process for sustained use of tools and guidelines.

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We offer a unique workshop experience. Our in session implementation and strategy development, backed by our individual 30 minute perfection session with each participant, ensures the greatest level of understanding and value for time and effort from the workshop participation.

Our workshop offerings can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. The needs of researchers will be different to the needs of research users and funders. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.


  • Get the most our of your social media efforts for your research centre or group
  • Plan for successful KT strategies
  • Ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to understanding KT as a system of processes
  • Ensure your researchers and teams get the most from social media to build their profile and promote the organisation