Research Users and Funders

Knowledge translation is all about the linkages that need to happen between the people generating the research findings and the people who can use and benefit from new knowledge. This requires innovative thinking to provide powerful and sustainable solutions. It also requires funding to ensure the processes of knowledge sharing, co-creation of research questions, and implementation of solutions are founded.

How can we help you and your organisation? 

We provide consulting services and training to research user groups, business, government, and organisations that fund research.

Consulting Activities

Increased return on investment

Development of knowledge translation strategies and impact measures within grants

  • Examine current requirements and impacts achieved.
  • Work with funding agencies to examine how translation can be achieved through current granting mechanisms.
  • Provide training of grant applicants or recipients to broaden KT skills and facilitate greater research impact from the funding round.

Share your experience and be heard

Participate in co-exchange of information to drive research relevant to your and your organisations needs

  • Link researchers and research users to create relevant and timely questions for research.
  • Participate in the research process and build staff capacity.
  • Develop collaborations and deliver the platforms and opportunities to manage research/research user relationships.

Uptake new knowledge and processes with ease

We will help you review and identify translation/implementation activity already achieved and further strategies for implementation

  • Work with organisation staff and research partners to review previous and current implementation processes and gaps.
  • Review outcomes from any evaluations and assessments of research implementation and impact activities.
  • Assist in the development of peer support and coaching mechanisms for knowledge implementation.
  • Identify opportunities and activities to advance translation and implementation of research knowledge into practice.

Avoid the 400 page report and irrelevant solutions

Development of relevant tools, documents and resources to facilitate knowledge uptake

  • Identification and facilitation of innovative solutions to deliver new knowledge and discoveries to the research user.
  • Provide evidence of the latest evidence for technology in knowledge solutions.


Development and implementation of guidelines and tools

  • Facilitate training and workshops for your organisation in the use of new tools, processes and guidelines.
  • Develop a process for sustained use of tools and guidelines.

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We offer a unique workshop experience. Our in session implementation and strategy development, backed by our individual 30 minute perfection session with each participant, ensures the greatest level of understanding and value for time and effort from the workshop participation.

Our workshop offerings can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. The needs of researchers will be different to the needs of research users and funders. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.


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  • Plan for successful KT strategies
  • Ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to understanding KT as a system of processes
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