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Do you want to tell more people about the importance of your research, attract possible collaborators, and reach a bigger audience with your publications? Many decision makers, funders, and mainstream media personnel are using social media for work purposes. A well planned social media strategy can help teams, projects, and programs, to reach and influence the people they need to.

  • Understand the different types of social media and online tools available.
  • Learn how to use relevant social media platforms to connect with your stakeholders.
  • Create strategies to reach your audience, and share your knowledge.
  • Use social media to find new information and connect to other people working in your field.
  • Develop a strategy to meet your social media goals.

Whats included in the workshop


Evaluation allows us to examine our performance, and to provide feedback regarding the value of the workshop to you and your organisation.


Work on relevant elements for you projects during the session. Implement as you go. 

Follow up coaching

All workshops include a follow up coaching session with each participant to cover any questions and concerns and to facilitate the implementation process.


Participants will have a valuable resource to refer back to as they implement their new knowledge.

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